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Fun is the most underused ingredient in cooking, but it is the main ingredient in Fooking!

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Here's a sneak peak at what Lorna is Fooking up tonight in her kitchen.


Second Night Stand

If you resist a refill we might not ever become friends! A light, refreshing version of my favorite tropical drink, the pina colada.


Cheese-ayyy Dip

This is one of the most comforting dips… ever! So skip the visit to your shrink, stay in your PJs, watch a marathon of chick flicks, and invest the cash you’ll save!

Hot Apricot Chicken

This is sweet and sexy with a bit of heat… tropical without going over the Equator. I usually make this in a bathing suit, but you do you!

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Russian Creme-a-licious

This recipe must have been created by Medusa, because every man who tastes it becomes seduced by the subtle richness. Ladies, use this power for good, not evil.


Always be the hottest dish at the table.
~ Lorna Day

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